Claranor Pulsed Light Sterilization
Pulsed Light Sterilization
Esterilización por luz pulsada


This qualification under industrial conditions validates the effectiveness of the decontamination on the packaging treated by the equipment installed, at the nominal rate of the line. 

To do this, a Claranor microbiologist travels to the customer's site to carry out the tests during operation:

Samples of packaging inoculated beforehand with the reference microorganism

This packaging is placed on the line, under operating conditions, and treated by the Claranor equipment

It is then removed from the line and analyzed, searching for residual microorganisms, in order to determine the log reduction obtained

The tests are carried out with the assistance of the Fraunhofer Institute laboratory  for the inoculation of the packaging, and carrying out the analyses.

The tests demonstrate the consistency of the results under operating conditions with those obtained under static conditions in the context of pre-sales tests.

This is just one of the services offered to Claranor customers.

Claranor has compiled various results for commonly used packaging in a database which you can access here:  Effectiveness of pulsed light on caps and cups.